While our pre-press department is proud of its efficient, high-quality machines, our most important strength is the expertise and flexibility of the people who use them.  The pre-press team at Imprimerie Gauvin is meticulously careful in assessing your files and preparing them for printing.  We communicate with you to understand your needs, tell you about irregularities, and make sure we understand the result you want to achieve.  Our pre-press team takes nothing for granted.


Your client access* allows you to enter Imprimerie Gauvin’s secure, private FTP file downloading site and to use our Internet proofs.  High-end paper proofs are also still available.


Imprimerie Gauvin offers regular pre-printing services such as file checking, proofs, imposition, plate production and archiving, in addition to typesetting and scanning services.


*A user ID and password are attributed to you on request when you become a client of Imprimerie Gauvin.

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