It is an undeniable fact that print runs for books, and the lifespan of books in bookstores, are getting shorter.


Imprimerie Gauvin has a solution that is perfectly adapted to these new realities : a kind of insurance policy against the risks involved in marketing your book.


This is how it works: During the first run of your book, we print additional, inexpensive covers using offset.  These are stored in Imprimerie Gauvin’s temperature- and humidity-controlled workshop.  When you need a reprint, you already have the covers: all that is left to do is print the inside of the book.


You save time and money without worrying about stocking books, distributor returns, or long delays associated with inventory shortages.


It’s a winning solution at every level.


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(You can also maintain inventories of stationery, business reply cards, bookmarks, business cards, etc.).

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