Yes, you can combine the two printing processes – offset and digital – and get the best of both worlds!


For instance, you can use digital technology to print the inside of a book and offset for the cover.


Your book covers will have a distinctive professional look thanks to optimal printing quality, register printing, special designs, Pantone colours, textured papers, embossing, spot varnishes, etc.  At the same time, high-quality digital printing for the inside provides you with significant savings.  Unlike most digital presses available on the market, Imprimerie Gauvin’s digital presses produce results incredibly similar to offset for the inside of books, so that you can hardly tell them apart.  And Imprimerie Gauvin is careful always to print with the grain of the paper – it’s a top priority!


To ensure even more savings and give you the option of reprinting very quickly, Imprimerie Gauvin has also set up its INVENTORY system for preprinted covers, ready for binding.


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